Have you ever wanted to write

your own Murder Mystery Party?

No problem!

Let me show you the secrets of how to

create a unique whodunit using my 

"Super-Secret Murder Mystery Writing System." You will, of course, maintain your social distance.

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Stay at home while I personally facilitate a virtual murder mystery for your family and friends via Zoom. You select the scenario and I'll do the rest.

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Chief Inspector Jack Pachuta

Solve a virtual murder mystery with your sleuthing colleagues while maintaining social distance.

Dear Social-Distancing Sleuth,

Today, we are all in a unique situation. The world is taking measures that preclude you and your fellow murder mystery aficionados from getting together to solve challenging cases. If you still yearn to collaborate with your colleagues and investigate a memorable virtual whodunit, then this opportunity is for you.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jack Pachuta, but my clients at
Mysteries on the Net simply call me “The Chief Inspector.” For nearly four decades, I’ve been designing, writing, and facilitating exciting murder mystery events that have been purchased on the internet and staged in all corners of the globe.

You might be self-quarantining at home, but you still have access to social media such as Zoom. So, that’s where I come in. I will create AND facilitate an online virtual event that will wow your friends and impress your family. 

Here’s how . . .

On this site, you’ll find information about seven of my murder mysteries. All of them have six suspects - three women and three men. Choose one and, with my cyber-facilitation, you and your significant other can enjoy the excitement of a murder mystery party with two other sleuthing couples and their entourages. What could be simpler?

Interested? Find out more about the
mysteries by clicking on the button at 
the bottom of this page.  You’re certain
to find one that will test your group’s
powers of deduction.

Sleuthing regards,

Jack Pachuta
The Chief Inspector