Solve a virtual murder mystery with your sleuthing colleagues while maintaining social distance.

Chief Inspector Jack Pachuta

Play Murder Mysteries

Stay at home while I personally facilitate a virtual murder mystery for your family and friends via Zoom. You select the scenario and I'll do the rest.

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Chief Inspector

Deluxe Option

Stage your Murder Mystery with a cast of professional actors!

After your mystery event, you'll receive these premiums:​

1.  A digital copy of the murder mystery you selected. My mystery kits sell for $39.77 at the Mysteries on the Net website.

2.  A Coupon Code worth $39.77 that you can use to purchase a second mystery kit of your choice from Mysteries on the Net. Use it to stage your own murder mystery when social distancing ends.

3.  A digital copy of my "5-Minute Mysteries" that sells for $12.95 at online bookseller websites.

That's a total value of  $92.49 in additional premiums. 

What are your waiting for? Book your mystery today!

How It Works

To solve a murder mystery at home facilitated by me, the Chief Inspector, you'll conspire with your sleuthing associates via Zoom. Here's what to do to arrange our rendezvous:

1.  If you haven't yet done so, review the scenarios on The Mysteries page by clicking on the "Snapshot" for each case. All of the seven listed scenarios have six suspects (three women and three men) and are perfect for events consisting of three couples. You'll provide the suspects, and you're certain to find a mystery that meshes with the demeanor and personalities of your group members. Plus, you can invite up to 12 additional guests

2.  Click on the red bar below to purchase the event for $297You'll be taken to a payment screen where you'll book your socially distanced whodunit. 

3.  After you've paid, you'll access the "thank you" screen by selecting the "Click here to complete your purchase" indicator. You'll find additional instructions, and be asked for key details about your murder mystery event.​​

It's really quite elementary - and simple. 
BUT WAIT, there's more!